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"Ellen's teaching methods, friendly approach and encouragement gave me confidence from my very first class. I left with a sense of accomplishment and amazed at what I had produced in one class." ...Lisa

Student Sam Huon painting portrait

Hue On Sam

“I really enjoy the art classes delivered by Ellen. She is a good and nice teacher, very patient and knowledgeable in guiding me in every step from the beginning. I do not know much about art, techniques or any historical artists, and after I took her class (it is my 2nd session at the moment), I gradually develop understanding about my style and techniques. And more importantly, Ellen inspires me to keep learning about it! Highly recommended the online class!!!”


Courtney painting tea pot

Courtney King

“Ellen is a phenomenal teacher- right from the start her approach teaches you a clear, simple yet effective approach to painting. She is able to gage everyone’s individual needs and adapts her feedback/guidance accordingly. The art school is a lovely venue with a beautiful garden and studio space, with enough room for multiple students. I have grown tremendously since painting with Ellen and look forward to many more years.”


Oil Paints on palette

Linda Franklin

“Ellen you have been an inspiration to me since joining your classes. Even during this ISO you have made it possible for your students to do online classes to keep everyone going with such a wonderful craft. You put a lot of passion and compassion into your work and to your students.”


Oil Paints

Kerryn Doig

“Ellen,Your website is amazing and a thankyou for sharing your knowledge. You will inspire everyone who reads your articles.

I had a chuckle to myself when I saw your article about the size 0 and 00 brushes – I can still see you telling the elderly man in our class about 30 years ago to stop using the small brush & you used to sound so exasperated with him as he continued to paint small, detailed people into his tonal paintings with his small brush! Its a beautiful website and you look so gorgeous in the picture – full of vitality and passion – good luck with it all, I’m sure it will be a great success & you will definitely inspire people as you have done with me”

Kerryn Doig (Each tone so affects its neighbour so as to make its neighbour appear lighter……not sure thats quite it!!!!)”

Oil Paints

Lisa xo

“I have been a student at Art Maker Studio Gallery for just over 18 months. When I began I had very little experience in oil painting, the last time I had picked up a brush was almost 20 years before in high school.

I mentioned to my husband that I’d like to start oil painting classes, he knew that I was nervous about getting started and that I would like a more personal and welcome environment. He found Art Makers Studio Gallery online and after speaking to Ellen realised he had found the perfect school for me. Ellen’s teaching methods, friendly approach and encouragement gave me confidence from my very first class. I left with a sense of accomplishment and amazed at what I had produced in one class.

Thanks to Ellen I have produced a number of paintings that I am proud of and gained skills that I didn’t think I was capable of. I have also met a wonderful group of people who I look forward to seeing each week.

Thank you Ellen, for re-igniting my passion in art, for giving me the techniques and skills to create paintings I am proud of, and for continually improving my skills at each class. I look forward to your classes and to painting for many years to come.”


              Claire Farrell

“Ellen is an amazing, insightful artist and teacher who has the ability to inspire budding artists through her love of art and life. Her classes not only teach you painting techniques and how to create your own masterpiece, but also give you an understanding and appreciation of art history.”

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