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Wandiligong Blue

Wandiligong Blue  -   Cracking me up      28/1/2016

Oil on Canvas 300x300mm.



The painting came before the poem but together they are very meaningful to me.    As I love this place called Wandiligong.  It’s a little village in North Eastern Victoria, Australia.  A narrow fertile valley at the foot of the Great Dividing range that runs the length of the eastern coast of Australia. Wandiligong holds many memories as a painter and its gentle landscapes nestling amongst mountains which dictate to all and have no mercy.


Cracking me up in a thousand pieces

The thunder roars in.

Whipping the lightning into submission,

As it follows close behind.

The Rain, large pendulous drops,  

spread heavy ripples,

 Across the ever deepening water pool,

 On the edge of the bike track.

The mountain again speaks its wisdom,

Allowing all to come and go as it knows they will.

Shrouded in mist again,

It stands unconcerned as mountains do,

Mighty and firm,

Letting everything roll over it.

Another crack, this time,

Into a million pieces.

Clouds of misty liquid 

roll down the mountain side,

 free and playful,

As more roll and tumble. 

Like children caught up in the game,

 where time has no place.

But light is the minder make no mistake,

As evenings grey blanket,

 folds down the pink day.

Wrapped and tucked,  

with a comforting sigh.

Sitting here on the verandah I say a pray,

Of thanks for this moment given,

And received with gratitude.

Steady rain now.

Blessed be to life.


Wandiligong Blue

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