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Green Lake, Wimmera, Victoria 22/4/17 Oil on Panel. 265x300mm 


Green Lake Conservation Reserve.

A circle of mallee gums around a dry lake bed,

The locals say there is a bog hole

and water seeps away.


The locals want to plug it,

to bring back the water,

To bring back the people

With their boats. and toys.


I say, why not let it be,

Watch and listen,

abundance enough for all,

lies here.

A crucible of fecundity

amidst the wheat fields of the Mallee.



Our soul lies down in the grass,

After two nights and days of rain,

The seed heads rise out from the mud,

Stars of pain,

Smiling at the sun.



Swiftly swiftly swallows overhead,

Their feathered bodies

spinning on the warm breeze

into the linen blue sky.

Bees and Dragon Flies,

orbiting around one another

catching the sun their Kandinsky wings.

flicking light back into our eyes.



Green Lake,

the centre of the world,

Centre of the universe

Centre of ourselves.


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