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Flight of the soul in search of the beloved

This painting is a profound culmination of a lifetime of work. When I say work, I mean a lifetime of creative process, sifting through the unconscious for recurring images over the years. This painting using my repertoire of techniques, throwing everything into it as one would pack on to the Ark. The painting is rich recipe of colour, texture combined with significant geometric shapes to please the eye and warm the heart. The flight of the soul in search of the beloved tries to describe the feeling one experiences in a moment of ecstatic joy. This in many ways cannot be described at the time it happens but on reflection and we continue to search throughout our lives for this feeling which is ‘love of the beloved’, love of the opposite, love of our own reflection in the other’s eyes. A shared love, a universal love but also a personal love. The love that motivates and inspires us to greater understanding of ourselves and in turn others.

Flight of the soul in search of the beloved

SKU: 0003
  • Medium: Oil On Canvas


    Size: 150x100cm.

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