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Bossom Blues

Every year I paint the Blossom Tree in my backyard. Every year I hope for something different to be created. Last year Blossom Blues was created. I hope you like it as I do.

While essentially blue the painting has purples, mauve, pinks and a spattering of green as the gentle late afternoon light of Spring drops a veil over everything.

While more graphic than a lot of my work it almost has a Japanese feel to it, an orderly laid out appearance. However, typically in my way I still try to hide things, in this case, the tree truck is slightly obscured.

The painting has a generous amount of paint without being overtly heavy. Scattered evenly over the painting thin and thick painted blossoms create a flatted off look while the under painting is still visible.

This is a very appealing calming painting, gentle and yet mesmerizing like looking into water, one minute seeing the surface and another seeing through the surface to the bottom or what is in the water.

Bossom Blues

SKU: 0010
  • Medium:  Oil On Canvas

    Size:  920mm x 1530mm

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