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Between Earth and Sky

On summer evenings where I walk on the hills near the river in Heidelberg not far from where I live, the grass , long from the winter rain, is bleached by the summer sun. Against the blue summer sky it is striking and inspires me to paint.

Technique is slightly layered and in some parts transparent others a little thicker.  The central area is not too defined, to demonstrate the fusion between earth and sky.

I purposely did not paint the painting with to greater detail, it’s a bit rough and relaxed. In some parts of the grass here is a grainy texture as the underpainting comes through the next layer of dry paint. The sky however has generously applied paint because when I was painting it I felt I could touch the sky, I enjoyed the connection.

Sometimes poetry is the only true way to describe a painting. Here is my inspiration in a poem.

A winnowing basket, swinging, poised between two worlds,
Bleached grasses woven like silken threads for an ancient Eleussian rite,
Firmly rooted in the earth at one end and vicariously hooked
by the breath of the sky father and a puff of wind
to a vast ultramarine blue sky of infinite beauty,
The immeasurable fusion between earth and sky.
Un rain and rain, earth and sun bring forth the grasses.
Dionysus and Apollo, gods of earth and sky,
pluck the luted blades of grass in perfect pitch,
Sending forth sweet notes from the cradled core.
Inviting all that come.
Sweet seed source for the endless marching grass ants,
May-polling beetles whirling on broken shafts of sunlitsteel,
Their bodies like glazed pottery beads on a 60’s headdress.
Cathedral winged dragonflies hover praying over the fecundity and sanctity of life.
The cosmos in one scene.

Between Earth and Sky

SKU: 0006
  • Medium:  Oil on Canvas

    Size: 1220mm × 1530mm

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