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The health benefits of getting involved in painting

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Painting can have a positive effect on your mind, body and spirit. The participation and involvement increases your focus and attention, on both the work you are creating and the beauty around you and from there the benefits flow.

Many painters find that painting is a type of sanctuary in our fast-paced life.  Perhaps this is due to the involvement, challenge and attention to detail that it requires. Some painters even report feeling no pain while painting.  And the positive effects on stress levels cannot be underestimated. In fact, painting is used as a part of art therapy which is widely used to help improve various mental and physical symptoms including pain reduction, anxiety, depression, effects of emotional abuse, cancer, post-traumatic disorder and other mental health issues like bipolar.

Quote by Ellen Michel: ‘Painting is a lesson in letting go of everything you know.’

Numerous studies have found that people who paint on a regular basis are usually less anxious, have a healthier self-esteem level and are less prone to illness.

A study by Norwegian researcher, Kownraad Cuypers, found particularly interesting outcomes. Using statistical analysis on the health data of 50, 797 people it was found that participation in cultural activities, such as painting, was highly associated with life satisfaction, good health, lower anxiety and depression.

Even if you are an absolute beginner, your state of mind will benefit from joining a painting class, picking up a brush and transforming a bare canvas. Focusing only on the brush strokes, the colours and your creativity will help calm body and mind.

You can get started with a painting class such as those offered by the Ellen Michel Art School. Ellen’s classes will take you through the creative process step by step and will soon have you reaping the health benefits, both physical and emotional that participating in painting bestows. As Ellen says:

Painting is a human right and not about genius up there and out there but here and now.’

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