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Self Portraiture - the perfect exercise

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Self portraiture is a mandatory discipline for me, especially at this time of autumn when the trees show us they are willing to let go to trust in the process.

This is my approach as I reconnect with the discipline and techniques of the self portrait.

For me the self portrait is an exploration into the possibilities and the every evolving essence of who I am, where I have come from and will be.

It is always important in the discipline to be open and trust in the process by letting the canvas speak.

And to never let the ego take control by getting caught up in the tiny detail, subjectivity and self consciousness. This is a sure way to fail the enlightenment which comes with letting go.

If there is ever a truth the outcome is revealing and offers more of a question than an answer.

It is only a step in the evolutionary process of life and of painting.

Self Portrait - Having A Grip on Love - Love is a play between holding on fimly to the belief, that love is real and concrete just as painted here with the statue of cupid, and the glimpses of love in a fleeting moment I have known that contain something of the trickster and the intersection and that mad mad being.

Self Portrait - the working me.

This portrait is a demonstration I did for my students. It was painted very speedily for the students benefit to show the technique does not have to be fussy with broad masses breaking up into smaller details but still not overworked and leaving some of the underpainting. What I also wanted to demonstrate was that training of the eye to see and assess at a glance is the most important skill for a painter to have.

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