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Om Padme hum

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Melt the mind and enchant the heart

These two no longer set apart,

To seek the lotus of the light,

Is to seek the day but find the night,

Om manni padme hum,

All life is suffering the Buddha said,

Beyond pleasure and desire we must tread,

Where catharsis will cleanse the mind,

And our sublime true nature we will find.

Om manni padme hum.

Melt the mind and enchant the heart,

Cast the spell to make a start,

We seek the lotus of the light,

Where harmony and radiance enfold us.

Now is the time when the sun peaks,

Where in the valley the mountain speaks,

And in the valley the light grows strong,

Melting our hearts and minds in song.

Om manni padme hum.

To board the boat that carries all beings,

Across the sea of suffering,

To seek the light but find the night.

Om manni padme hum.

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