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AUSTRALIA LET'S WALK TOGETHER - River Spirit – Towards Recognition

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

I CAN ONLY SPEAK FOR MYSELF AND I HAVE A STRONG SENSE OF GRATITUDE for their generous gift - THE STATEMENT FROM THE HEART - an invitation to the Australian people from 'the First Nations Australians asking Australians to walk together to build a better future by establishing a First Nations Voice to Parliament enshrined in the constitution and the establishment of Makarrata Commission for the purpose of treaty making and truth telling. of ' the Uluru statement from the Heart '

I would like to see the referendum asking the nation to vote 'YES' to a Voice to Parliament and that is why I wrote this poem.

River Spirit – Towards Recognition and The Australian Referendum for The Voice to Parliament.


You hide rich dark secrets Burning and shining,

In the dense cool water,

You shimmer and shape shift,

Breaking and crashing

The juicy mirror

Connecting the songlines

With lore and creation stories.

Mysterious nymph,

Sweet winged creature

Ancient spirit of the river,

Out of the deep and cool,

Out of the muddy depths,

You rise,

You rise,

Eternal mythic being

Light the way and,

speak from the depths

of your sleepy ripples,

Ever radiating expanding

sustaining life

from the beginning of all knowing.

But, still the muddy waters

Cloud my ears blocking my eyes.

My fragile wisdom, too arrogant.

My reflection bright and clear,

My whiteness blinding,

Until I kneel beside you and,

look and listen deeply

To know my weak apology.

You show me how.

Ellen Michel.

4th Nov, 2019

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