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Home to Love

Updated: Dec 6, 2023


Sun, sea and sand,

walk, promenade, food, risotto,

red wine, camera, waiter, hats.

The feast of the moment.

We are in the moment.

You and I,

Time is irrelevant,

NOW is the time,

Let Spirit guide our destiny,


wind through the palms,

through the perforated café table,

the shimmering light on

flailing water, of the bay,

like tall masts of ships,

pointing to the stars,

riding the ocean swell.

Like puppies on leads,

lassoing mothers’ legs,

in a tangle of baby pram,

breeze and long spaniel ears.

Like lovers arm in arm,

bracing the freshening breeze.

as they hastening to return

to the warm, white mountain

of bedded bliss.

And the sun, sea and sand

Rise up in your eyes and we know Love.

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