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Have Brush, Will Travel

Unless you have been living under a rock you will be well aware of the popularity of instagram, facebook, twitter and other social media being used by people to post their digital photos of travels and holidays. It seems just about everyone carries a camera all the time with most phones having a camera built-in as standard. But a true and more lasting memory is created when you document the experience by your own hand or brush.

Documenting your holiday or travels using a notebook with pen, pencils. charcoal or a canvas with paints and an easel will provide a unique and very personal account of your experience. A drawing or painting will make the perfect complement to your photographic records.

Hand created paintings and drawings provide a direct truism that cannot be achieved by chemical and digitised reproduction by photography.

The added benefit is that in creatively capturing the location, feeling or experience will cause you to automatically slow down and be immersed in the moment. Rather than just snapping a shot and moving on, taking the time to paint or draw will ensure that you capture the entire experience; the sights, smells, sounds and sense of where you are and what you are experiencing. When you look back on what you have created in the years to come you will be reminded of it all.

Even if you are a beginner you will be surprised at the ability to capture the moment as long as you allow your creativity to take over. Enjoy all aspects, particularly that of just letting go.

So when you pack your passport and sort your itinerary, don’t forget to organise time to creatively document your journey or destination and pack the items you will need. It doesn’t need to be involved or complicated, just what you feel comfortable with; some paints, pencils, charcoals or crayons and something on which to create. Looking for inspiration before you take off on your adventure? Check out the Galleries Paintings to view travel paintings and also Travel For Art to see photographs of my many travel adventures that has inspired my life as an artist and painter.

And you can even gain or brush up on some skills and instruction before you go with classes available for beginners through to advanced artists at the Ellen Michel Art School .

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