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Ecstatic Intersection. 2000.

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Amid the starlight the moon is waning.

Moon too bright and sensual

captivates my being,

Dance me through the starry sky,

play me a tune on the harp delight.

You are me, I love you.

My moon and stars, lighted tree forests,

Set for laughter amid the dewy leaves

carpeting the floor.

Down, down the earth flight goes,

Dark, moist misty, my love is rich,

you are love,

You are the dampened droplets

shining beneath starry beams,

luminous, cool and still.

My feet tread aloft now on

the highest mountain peaks.

I reach now for you my love

and find you everywhere

and all in everything.

The cycle of the Moon wanes and waxes,

Beauty, laughter, love, all so subtle,

Differ not, all with power

to die and come alive anew.

All fragments of an ecstatic intersection

That only lasts a moment and is gone.

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