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Daffodils   770x500 mm.   Oil on Canvas.

Soft as a Spring breeze and as enigmatic as a veiled bride gently revealing her face to new life, here the daffodils. 


This is my attempt to say, 'it is impossible to explain the perfection of a flower or a leaf'. I can only express a vague understanding of the existence of a daffodil.


 ‘Daffodils’ style.

 I am a great admirer of Jackson Pollock,  the painter of ‘Blue Poles’, the famous painting acquired by the Australian Government in 1973 for $1.3 million.


Pollock said he wanted to paint like Picasso, and he strived hard to achieve that because it has been discovered under some of his paintings there aspects of Picassoque, however on the surface something completely different appears because Pollock was becoming his own painter.


Daffodils is a bit like this.  I started to paint the daffodils with careful observation being as true to their essence, however, at the end, the work had no soul.  So I set out to destroy it and lose it.


Drips and dots of opaque paint delicately mask the underpainting, dropping a veil over the work.   As the daffodils fade into the canvas they become only hinted at, making the painting much more satisfying.


Satisfied, I realized it was really a question of balance.  How much to lose and how much to find.



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