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As in the Flow - Stained Creek Bed

Size: 1210 x 1400 mm


Medium:Oil on Canvas


Travelling out from Our Little Band of Heroes Campsite, each day to this spot in the creek bed became a ritual I looked forward to and slowly it became a familiar home where I was completely at ease. The shallows and the colour became friends as I watched the effect of the sun’s movement across the creek bed.   And it became apparent that my shadow was always close beside me in all its varying undulation.   While I had no intention of occupying or owning the landscape, I wanted to make so mark in recognition of my visit.  With all these factors in mind I decided to use an un-primed canvas to create a primal connection to the landscape and to highlight the strength of colour present here in Pilbara country.   As the oil paint absorbed into the canvas it became permanently locked in for all time thus enclosing my image for all time into the landscape on a canvas.   


As in the Flow - Stained Creek Bed

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