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Alhambra, I never stop dreaming of the Alhambra its arched gate ways , minarets and reflective pools.

A small painting whose technique and style is quite impressionistic. The layers of thin to thick paint are quite obvious.

The colours I have used are cool, for the evening light, pinks/purples, dark blues,/green, white and grey and a tiny bit of red/brown.

I was not trying to make a perfect painting but demonstrate the human element of imperfection and to make the painting a microcosm representing the layers of history that built this remarkable place in Granada, Spain.

Alhambra, red and crimson castle,
your towering walls
press sated into the La Sabica Hills.

Silver by starlight and golden by sunlight.
Fortresss of conquerors and palace of sultans and kings, .
Zirites, Nasrites, and Christians all love you.

Their mark our heritage in stone,
their needs shaped your being,
and ignited our dreams with longing.

Your portals of ‘justice’, of ‘wine’,
of stories, and pomegranate,
Are gates to our imaginings,
Your pointed arches and long porticos
invite the heavenly hosts.

Your watery soul and deepest longings,
Reflect from dark pool and sparkling fountain
on to walls and vaulted caverns,
illuminatingthe inscribes, to god so glorious,
and perfect.

You are prayer and holy ancient place.


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