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Following and Following and Following

Following and following and following,

All the days crawl on bended knees,

Into the abyss of hollow shadows,

Returning and returning,

Life’s orchard bears such sour

A cherry to the barrel’s bottom.

Birds die,

In gardens lush with life,

No pact to see the light,

It’s gone.

Before some magic reclaim,

Ants eat at its eyes,

Greedy for their life.

Maggots spiralling,

White worms of life’s revenge,

Spoil the dream of heroic measure.

Only destruction is the maggots claim.

I stand lashed against the whipping rage of seas,

Tied to the mast of time and tide.

The fleeting beauty of the setting sun.

The beauty of the lover’s arms

Empty shadows run deep.

If I think the darling little wren,

Has more joy than that,

I am a fumbling blind and simple woman

So full of hubris and deceit.

Dog eat dog and bird eat the bird.

Cruel but so.

Life cannot make a smile to cheek or lip.

It is all an illusion.

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