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Ellen Michel

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Ellen Michel, celebrated Heidelberg Artist, Teacher, Art Therapist, Writer, Mentor and Shaman devotes her amazing breadth of skills and knowledge to the quest of promoting the human right to access self-expression.

Ellen’s career spans 40 years of the Art Scene in Melbourne from Community Arts to Private Commissions and Public Lectures. Her practice as an Artist and her study of Anthropology, Psychology, Art Therapy, Shamanism and Practices of Meditative States brings expert knowledge and experience to the Course.

I am mostly fascinated with the idea of the painter and the poet being an instrument, whose work reveals something universal, timeless, something that touches what it is to be human. The idea we are imprinted with genetic memory, drawn from the unconscious mind, drives me with each artistic expression I coax into existence

In a sense I explore, the painter/artist/poet as psychopomp, ritual maker/shaman, and conduit to spiritual dimensions.

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