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Celebrating Courage and Resilience this Christmas, December 2012

Tragedy befell my blackbird’s mate last year about this time.

I wept to find its feathers strewn about the garden.

Its mate frantically calling darting here and there

Her outburst of grief touched me and I shed tears for her pain.

She was left, left alone now to raise her precious little brood.

I have wondered all year about what had become of her.

Had she overcome the pain of loss,

Had she found new life?

This morning as day broke,

I heard the same frantic blackbird calls,

more piercing than a year ago.

Looking out of the window, below in the garden

I saw my Blackbird and she had made a new nest.

Alas, that mange angry wild cat was crouching just below,

And above flying around in dizzy circles

My blackbird screeching

Screeching defended her home.

What must it be like to live with threat to territory and family?

I can’t imagine even in my wildest dreams.

Your spirit inspires me so.

From One Village One Life

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