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Ellen Michel smiling standing under blossom tree

Welcome to my Art Studio School

Here I teach the Basics and Refinement of Oil Painting
Building Confidence and developing Creativity, using a Step by Step easy to follow process


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Ellen Michel Art School is a place to free your Creativity, and

develop your Artistic Expression. 


Explore Classical, Step by Step training,

and build your Confidence in Oil Painting.


Learn the ‘eye of the painter’, how to see a painting

in a tree, a rock, a vase, an apple, a face…


Oil Painting Classes with

Master Art Teacher and celebrated artist Ellen Michel

Coloured-Glass screens in garden entrance
Home Page Mobile EMAS_edited_edited.jpg

"It's all about tapping your creative genius"
Welcome to my Studio Garden
where creativity is the way"
                                         Ellen Michel

Autumn vine leaves framing mosaic path
Autumn Garden